Wednesday, November 29, 2017

10 Reasons why you Shouldn’t Ever Mess with an Empath

Empaths are extremely powerful people, and I wouldn’t recommend that you mess with one. Empaths are excellent at reading body language and they are the best mind detectives!
Empaths are born with a gift; they have the ability to feel others feelings. Although this is handy when you need someone to talk to, this isn’t their primary gift. Empaths are experts on human psychology by second nature. This gives them to ability to be able to tell when someone is faking, lying, or simply not who they said they were. Some nice people have cruel intentions, let’s face it. Empaths just have the ability to recognize this.
As an empath, the best way to explain this is: the knowing just happens. We know how to read people, and we aren’t easily fooled. If you are a cheating type of partner, don’t get with an empath. You will soon enjoy the taste of your own medicine.
Empaths are Basically Lie Detectors
When someone lies, they give off certain subconscious body movements and ‘ticks’, if you must. Common ways to identify a liar is their eye movement, and overwhelming intention to convince you. However, if you’re an empath you already know this. You don’t know how to explain why you know, you just do. It is the most prominent feeling you’ll ever feel in your gut.
Don’t Try to Fool Them
Empaths feel other people’s feelings – much more than they would want too. Because of this, they know when you’re faking. Don’t try and hide your cruel intentions around an empath – it simply won’t work. Empathic people can see right through your conniving disguise. They often don’t ever approach it either because they are also aware that you obviously have some kind of mental distortion.
They Sense Jealousy
Empathic people can feel when you are jealous of them. You might expect this to make them feel a bit charismatic, but that would be wrong. Empath’s might know that you are jealous of them for whatever reason, and they will often demonstrate humility to make you feel more comfortable.
They Sense Hatred
One of the most prevalent senses an empath has is for hatred. Hatred is such a negative emotion it gives off a negative energy that is powerful. Empaths are drawn away by this feeling. They aren’t hurt over your hatred, but would rather not have their soul affected by your negative energy. They do not lose sleep over any hatred, which often causes people to hate them even more. They are comfortable with who they are, and they expect to be nobody else.
They Know your Prejudices
Empaths will always know when you have a hidden prejudice. If you are discomforted by people with different colored skin, sexual orientation, or personality differences, they empath will very likely lose interest. Empathic people are not interested in people who are shallow or self-absorbed.
They Know you’re not Fine 
“are you okay?”
“yes, I am fine.”
“No, you’re not. Now tell me everything.”
If you have ever had this conversation with a friend, they are more than likely an empath. Empaths know when you lie, and they also know when you feel bad. Having a friend you can talk to about things is a tremendous help! Take advantage of your friend’s healing abilities and do not lie to them. Don’t be afraid; they want to help.
They Can Read Lackey’s Like a  Book
Empaths hate small talk, and they hate sucking up even more. Don’t falsely compliment an empath to gain their affection. They actually hate this, and they see what you’re doing. An Empath’s most powerful ability is deciphering people’s actions and intentions.
They Know When You’re on The Wrong Path
If you have an empathic friend and they are warning you about things you’ve been doing, LISTEN TO THEM. Empaths are so good at predicting self-destruction it is similar to time travel. They know your subconscious reasoning for acting out and it isn’t worth it – and they will tell you that too. When an empath is telling you that you are heading for a dark place, you better seriously reevaluate your intentions.
They Know When You’re Trying to be Someone You’re Not
Empaths have the ability to see a personals spirit. They appreciate your perks and your flaws! There is nothing more attractive to an empath than someone who is their self. When you try to put on an act, they will know. Be confident in your own skin and don’t try to be someone you’re not. Especially in front of an empath.
They Can Identify Exploitation
Remember when you were a kid and you wanted something, so you would ‘butter up’ your parents to get what you want. Maybe that is a southern term, so essentially you’re being nice to someone to gain a benefit from them. Don’t do this to an empath – they will stop you in your tracks. You are more likely o get what you want by saying it straight up.
source and courtesy: educateinspirechange

Monday, October 9, 2017

Scientist Photographs A Man The Moment He Dies: What He Captured Will Leave You Shocked!

So, for centuries, we have questioned, asking ourselves and everyone whether the soul exists or not. Despite the ancient myths, stories and beliefs of humans today – we have finally found the answer with evidence.
The soul does exist.
A Russian Scientist, Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov, gathered evidence to prove that the soul does exist and that there is something beyond death. The way he did that was by photographing a soul leaving the body and quantified chakras.
Most people believe there is a soul, while some on the other hand feel that it doesn’t. However, no one was ever able to confirm with any solid evidence if it does exist or not. To prove the existence of the soul is very similar to proving whether there is gravity. You cannot see it, but it does exist.
“In the nineties, Konstantin Korotkov, a professor at The St. Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Optics, and Mechanics in Russia, had created something very interesting…
This technology isn’t new; this has been created time and time again through different means.”
Konstantin, has produced a device called GVC.
The technology is based on the ancient Chinese system of energy meridians that measure bio-energy that all living organisms give off via painless evaluation.
Using small electrical current, the GVC connects to the finger tips and takes less than a millisecond to send signals. Our bodies then respond with a type of ‘electron cloud’ made up of light photos.
This in turn produces a glow – a glow that can be captured with a CCD camera system, translating it onto a computer than.
Every connection on each finger tip represents a different organ and system in the body. A computer program projects the figure of a body and places a type of auric cloud around it that is in correspondence with each Chakra.
The system is built on the foundations of Ayurvedic Indian medicine, where each fingertip corresponds to different body parts and systems within us.
They also say that there are 7 main energy points along the center of out being as well. Konstantin took this idea and applied it to his technology.
The different colored balls represent each Chakra, and how much work we need to put into it, mentally, physically and emotionally.
This can all lead into your physical life – if your throat chakra is off – then you mean you need to work on your vocals and if your heart chakra is off, you are required to work on your compassion in life.
The type of photography used was Kirlian – to show the exact moment when the departure of the soul takes place at the time of death. Konstantin said that with the blue life force, you can see the soul leaving.
The navel and the head are the first parts to depart the body while the heart and groin are the last to do so.
In other cases, he’s noted that the soul of people who have had violent or unexpected deaths can manifest in a state of confusion and their consciousness doesn’t actually know that they’ve died.
This experiment has been conducted by 300 other doctors around as well, who monitor stress and even treating cancer. Many of them are now beginning to understand that many ailments stem from an emotional disruption.
source: hidden-truth

This Is What Your Eye Color Reveals About You!

We have all heard the cliched expression that “eyes are the window to the soul,” but now it appears that science can help back that it up!
We’ve all seen various personality tests that tell us a little about our fortune and personality like this one that says the door you choose reveals secrets about your soul, but our eyes are an actual physical part of us and can tell us even more.
Scientists at Orebro University in Sweden studied 428 subjects to see if their personalities were linked to the irises in their eye. They found that our eye color is affected by the same genes that form our frontal lobes, thus there are distinctly shared behaviors in people with similar irises.
Dr. Anthony Fallone of Edinburgh University has studied the links between eyes and personality as well. He says, “The eye is so closely linked neurologically to the brain that you might call it the only part of our brain you can see from the outside. It seems to hold vital clues to our brain function.”
If you’re like me, my hazel eyes frequently change color depending on what I’m wearing. They can be exceptionally dark or a brighter green. That’s why I was fascinated to see attributes of each of those eye colors linked to my personality.

Brown Eyes…

You want people to think you’re tough, but you’re actually quite sensitive. You care deeply about others and you don’t mind making sacrifices to make other people happy. You’re confident, driven, compassionate and kind.

2. If You Have Light Brown Eyes…

You love to sleep! You’re typically not a morning person. You’re sensitive and you often get your feelings hurt. Crawling into your bed after a long day always helps you find balance with your emotions. You’re loyal to the core and your friends know they can count on you.

3. If You Have Blue Eyes…

 You know how to go with the flow. You keep negativity out of your life to avoid getting upset. Others enjoy spending time with you thanks to your positive, bubbly personality. Your ego tends to get a little inflated every once in a while, but eventually you bring yourself back down to earth.

4. If You Have Green Eyes…

You tend to keep your true feelings and emotions hidden from others, which makes you seem mysterious. Others find you to be trustworthy and reliable. Your curiosity drives you to explore the world around you. You’re compassionate and others see you as genuine.

5. If You Have Hazel Eyes…

You have a spontaneous spirit and you love adventure! You’re independent and always up for trying something new. Others admire the fact that you don’t let rules or society’s standards keep you from being happy. You live in the moment and you don’t let fear hold you back from experiencing new things.

6. If You Have Grey Eyes…

You are confident and driven. You know who you are and what you want out of life, and you aren’t afraid to work hard to achieve your goals. You’re very rational and balanced, but you also know how to let loose and have fun with your friends.

These 4 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Long-Term Partners

It’s no secret that long-term relationships are a lot of work. Successful relationships require trust, good communication, patience, and the ability to be vulnerable with your partner.
Long-term relationships obviously don’t build themselves overnight. Sticking with someone for the long-term is a choice that you have to make day after day.
Long-term relationships are a huge responsibility, and they won’t be successful unless both partners are mature enough to put in the necessary effort to make things work. To be completely honest, not everyone is cut out for them.
For many reasons, a lot of people choose to not get involved with long-term relationships and prefer short-term flings or noncommittal relations. Not only do successful ones depend on interpersonal and relationship skills, but they also depend on timing and life circumstances.
A lot of people feel they’re not in the right place in life to commit for the long haul. No one seems to want to commit. We go through people like tissues and are always in search of something better.
But I’d like to think that long-term relationships aren’t dead and that it’s all a matter of finding someone willing to put in the necessary work.
If someone really wanted to be in a serious relationship, they would work for it by communicating with their partner and taking the time to build strong trust.
They wouldn’t drop things at the first signs of trouble or constantly stay on the lookout for other options. When you’re putting yourself out there to date, people like this might seem hard to find, but they’re definitely out there!
Some zodiac signs just commit harder than others, and some signs are great at workingĂ‚ through arguments and disagreements so that their relationships stay strong.
So, without further ado, here are the 4 most-committed zodiac signs who make BEST long-term partners.
Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
Taurus people are stable and reliable. When they go into relationships, they are devoted to their partner. A Taurus will make it clear that they want to commit to you. They don’t like sudden changes or insecurity of any kind.
So your Taurus bae will likely work hard to make your relationship workThey are attuned to stability, but that doesn’t mean they are boring. Far from it! Tauruses are notoriously sensual.
They wontt settle for dull Netflix and chill dates; they want to actually go out and have adventures.
They always want to try new things, and they will make sure that the relationship never reaches a point where you two run out of things to do. 
Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
Cancers are extremely caring. They thrive in long-term relationships because they know how to communicate honestly.
They are unafraid to share their feelings, and they encourage their partners to do the same. Cancers get attached to people they care about, so when you date a Cancer, don’t expect them to get up and leave when the going gets tough.
They commit hard, and they constantly strive to make their relationships work. A Cancer will know how to bring up issues that the relationship needs to address.
They will also make sure that their partner’s emotional needs are met. Cancers are loyal, and they strive to continually grow and learn from their partner. It’s no wonder they make such great lovers!
Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
Virgos are extremely dependable. When problems come up, they have a methodical approach to fixing things.
They will always address things with their partner, and they strive to make their relationships the best that they can be. Virgos are team players, and they know how to tackle their relationships problems.
They will sometimes have arguments and disagreements with their S.O., but the two of them will work through things and come out stronger as a result. They are also extremely loyal and kind, making them ideal partners for the long run.
Libra (September 23 – October 22)
Libras LOVE long-term relationships. They value harmony in their relationships, and they are extremely patient. They aren’t afraid of vulnerability or emotional honesty, which helps them communicate their needs and desires to their partner.
When Libras enter relationships, they want things to work SO badly that they will do anything necessary to keep their relationship strong.
They are committed to maintaining harmony within their relationships, and they are great long-term partners because they work hard to make sure their boo is happy.
They enjoy stability, and they aren’t likely to stray from their partners. 
source: Gostica

Saturday, October 7, 2017

What is The First Thing Your Eyes See in This Image?

You Are A Realist
Some may say you're cynical, but you're just realistic. You always tell it like it is, and you are always the first to figure out complicated situations!

You Are An Optimist
You are a glass-half-full kind of person. You are always cheery and smiley, and you know things will always work out for the best!