Make A Wish And Pick Your Lucky Fruit. See What The Wish Tree Has Got In Store For You

magine yourself walking through a forest with the bright sun beams shining through the leaves. You come out onto a forest meadow and see a beautiful tree with various fruits hanging from its branches.

It is a wish tree. You must make a wish and then pick one fruit from it. Your choice will bring you luck and tell whether you wish will come true.

If you have picked a fresh applethe Universe is well disposed towards you. Your wish will come true as long as you believe it!

If you have picked a banana, there is good news waiting for you. The difficult period is finally over, and your wishes start coming true due to your hard work and experience.

If you have picked a pineapple that means that your fate is in your hands. You are the only one who can make your wish come true.

If you have picked a plum, then your wish is already in the works. All you need to do is wait a little.

If you have picked an orange, your wish will not be fulfilled entirely. Don’t despair, there’s something much better the Universe has got for you in the nearest future.

Whatever you picked, being kind, hardworking and compassionate is something the Universe always rewards

source and courtesy: wikr