This is Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Do you find yourself looking at the world around you, wondering why it appears that bad things happen to good people? Have you ever seen a news story that made you just cringe as you watch what you can only describe as a ‘bad person’ being rewarded by the universe?
The phrase ‘life’s not fair’ has been thrown around in our lives in a number of ways. It can be yelled out in frustrating when we feel as though the universe is acting against the way we believe it should, rewarding those who don’t ‘deserve’ it or failing to reward those who we believe should be. It is, however, also a statement of fact –  life is not fair. Or at least not in the way we were raised.
As children, we are taught that there are those who are inherently ‘good,’ spending their day carrying out good deeds, and those who are inherently ‘bad,’ acting against all that is considered ‘right,’ breaking rules and defying authority. This concept has been drilled into our heads by our parents, teachers, governments, authority figures – anyone that has subscribed to the idea that the population can be influenced to act ‘good’ if they believe that they will be rewarded by the universe for doing so.
That’s right – this basic childhood concept is really a much larger psychological impact, reaching well into our adult lives. Our government understands that those individuals who are programmed as children to accept this idea of ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ will apply these rules to their adult lives. This will create predictable, orderly and rule abiding citizens.
The truth is that this isn’t how the universe works at all. The universe isn’t rewarding or punishing us, it is only reacting to our expectations of our future. It’s called the Law of Attraction.
The Law of Attraction is defined as the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.” This means that you can impact or change your future simply by expecting it to. Changing your thoughts can, in turn, change the direction that our life is headed.
Do you find yourself constantly worrying about what the future will bring? Do you dwell on the negatives and pitfalls that you have faced, blaming ‘bad luck’ each time that things go wrong? Due to the Law of Attraction, harboring these thoughts will actually lead your life down a path in which you will continue to be overwhelmed by worry, concern and bad luck. The more you focus on these negatives, the more negatives will continue to arise in your life.
Then there are those who live on the other end of the spectrum. These people see the value that they bring the world around them, raising their feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. They find joy in their lives and in the ways that they can reach out to and help others. They wake up in the morning with a smile on their face looking forward to the day ahead because they just know that it is going to go well. This thinking brings about positive events in their lives.
So, the next time that you feel as though life has handed you more than your share of difficulties and challenges, and you are feeling discouraged by the way the universe is treating you, remember this concept. Refocus your thoughts on the upbeat, positive aspects of your life, recalling your strengths and desires. Raise the positive vibrations in your life and enjoy the rewards that will follow!