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16 Things You’ll Notice When You’re In The Presence Of An Empath

The chances are you have noticed that there is an unexplained, magnetic-like force that draws people towards empaths. Empaths are individuals who open up to others very easily and establish a quick connection, which encourages the listener to give them reassurance and comfort and end up helping them find peace.
According to Marshall Rosenberg, the author of Non-Violent Communication,
“In empathy, you don’t speak at all. You speak with the eyes. You speak with the body. If you say any words at all, it’s because you are not sure you are with the person. So you may say some words. But the words are not empathy. Empathy is when the other person feels the connection to with what’s alive in you.”

16 Signs You’re In The Presence Of An Empath

1. They find happiness through healing
Empaths are willing to help others at any given moment, as they basically achieve happiness through healing and helping others, whether it is offering advice or giving a hand of any kind.
2. They are often told they`re“too sensitive” or “too emotional.”
Empaths simply aren’t “too” this or that.  What others people describe as over-feeling is something normal for the empaths.
3. They really dislike being lied to
While no one likes to be lied to, empaths simply cannot stand it! We can notice this every time we are in their presence.
4. Negative images directly affect them
Empaths are quite sensitive to negativity and “unfeeling” a negative image is something they cannot do, whether it is a story of violence in the newspaper or something negative on the TV.
5. They feel overwhelmed by crowds
Given that empaths tend to absorb everyone`s emotions and energies, the fact that they are overwhelmed by crowds doesn’t come as surprise.
6. They react differently to stimulants and medications
Any beverage, stimulant or medication that contain caffeine makes empaths anxious to greater extent compared to the rest of us.  Therefore, they are recommended to avoid such drinks and prescription medications.
7. They are great friends
If you were looking for a true and meaningful friendship, look no further! Empaths are extremely honest and loyal people, virtues that make them great friends.
8. They know what you are going through because they are going through it with you
Empaths have a strong bond with the people they hold dear, so anything you their close ones go through is deeply felt by them.
9. They have a special bond with animals
Empaths have a special bond with animals and look at them as family members.
10. They are usually tired, exhausted, and worn out
Absorbing other people`s emotions and vibe often leaves empaths feeling mentally exhausted and worn out.
11. If you ask for their advice, please take it
Empaths tend to put themselves in other`s shoes and always deliver a genuine advice. Interestingly, literally every time they tell you the same thing you consider right at the given moment.
12. They become distracted rather easily
Empaths become distracted very easily due to their increased sensitivity to objects and people around them.
13. They hate narcissism
Empaths are capable of spotting a narcissist miles away and staying away from them at any cost!
14. They are excellent listeners
As mentioned in the very beginning, empaths are excellent listeners, always willing to deliver a genuine advice and be there when needed.
15. Electronics act up around them
Phones, cars stall, phones and literally anything with a current or charge deeply affects empaths.
16. They are extremely sensitive to certain sounds
Loud noises, bright lights as well as certain textures and fabrics annoy empaths!

Find Out What Your Birth Month Butterfly Reveals About You

Butterflies are powerful representations of life and each month of the year has a specific butterfly associated with it. All around the world, butterflies are a symbol of hope and change but scroll down to see what your specific birth month butterfly reveals about your personality!


You have a great heart and a friendly ear for everyone. Everyone admires you for your optimism and positivity. You are as beautiful and free as a butterfly and you make others happy just by walking into a room. You may not have noticed this but people turn to you because they admire your aura and presence.

As soon as you enter a room, all eyes are on you. Your confident personality is so vibrant that no one can keep their eyes off you. All eyes turn towards you because you charm everyone with your confident attitude. People either love you or they don't.
You might not always know the way out of a sticky situation, but you would never give up. That is your best quality. Your intuition leads your way. You are a steady and determined person with a zest for life and you also have a deep side to your personality.
You're an emotional person and you're not afraid of showing it. People admire your sensitive side and love you for it. You may not want to believe this but it is true: You make the world a better place with your peaceful attitude.
You're such an amazing person! Sadly your perfect appearance is intimidating to some. Those who know you however love you just the way you are. You are an imposing personality but that doesn’t mean that you lack depth, you would go to any length to help and support your friends and family.
You might not believe it but you make the world a better place with your peaceful personality. You are a wonderful person! You are very sensitive and have an intuition for other people's wishes. Don’t forget that you make for an extraordinary partner.
You are incredibly brave which makes you such a strong character. Yet, you also have a very sensitive side which you rarely show. You are always nice and respectful to the people around you - the world would be a better place if only there were more people like you!
Everyone around you admires you for your incredible honesty. Not many people can admit when they've made a mistake the way you can. You manage to win over people’s trust quite easily and love to be the center of attention
You are a curious and an inquisitive person with great imagination and who loves to daydream. Even if nothing goes according to plan, you still know where you want to go and how you are going to get there. People admire this about you and are ready to follow in your footsteps.
You are someone who tackles problems with a lot of energy and determination while still keeping a balance in your life. You have a huge heart and are willing to lend an ear to anyone who needs it. You are very helpful and attentive. But be careful, because not everyone will appreciate the good in you.
Your head is always bursting with ideas and you love taking in your surroundings and observing the people around you. Not everyone may understand that you live in your own world. Your head might always be stuck in the clouds but your feet remain firmly planted on the ground.
You have really come a long way in life. But the special thing about you is that you never get enough and are always hoping for more in life. You are an emotional person and are not afraid to show it. You don’t hide your feelings because you are not ashamed of standing up to your mistakes. People admire this about you

DO NOT GET MARRIED Unless You Ask Your Partner These 5 Questions; or Else

You’ve probably heard it a million times before, marriage is a big step. If you’ve been with your partner for multiples years or especially if you’ve lived in a home with them for quite some time, you probably think you know each other pretty well. For some couples that may be absolutely true, but for many they find that they haven’t really taken the time and effort to talk about the important issues because frankly, they just haven’t come up yet!
Well, here is your chance to make sure you both know exactly where the other stands on these serious topics and whether or not further discussion is necessary. Here are the 5 questions you need to ask your partner before you decide to get married.

1. Are our spiritual and religious beliefs congruent?
This isn’t to say you’re both required to practice exactly the same religion or system of beliefs, there are many happy couples with seemingly opposing spiritual beliefs, however there are more aspects to consider here.
Can you still respect someone who has very different beliefs from your own? What will happen when or if you have children, will the differing beliefs be an issue then? These are all important things to think about.

2. Are there serious, possibly life-changing health issues we should disclose to each other?
Again, this may sound like a silly or simple thing to ask, but when you’re promising to spend a lifetime with someone and to care for them in sickness and in health, these are things you may want to be aware of. Are there genetic illnesses in the family you may want to prepare for?

3. How do you feel about holidays?
This isn’t just about whether or not you’re really into Christmas decorations or you hate going out on Halloween. This is also an important way of establishing what possible desires or expectations are for things like birthdays, anniversaries, and family celebrations.

4. If necessary (or if I asked), would you consider marital counseling?
It might sound a little pessimistic to bring up, but counseling and therapy are still somewhat taboo even in this modern day and age. There are people who would rather let a relationship fall apart than attend a few sessions together.

5. What has caused our relationships to fail in the past?
Of course it can be uncomfortable to dig up past hurts and heartbreak, but it is so important to examine these failures in order to keep them from repeating themselves with your spouse. Marriage takes hard work and a lot of effort. It’s the biggest commitment you’ll likely ever make. You need to explore the reasons and behaviors that led to previous break-ups so that you’re able to apply everything you’ve learned to this great endeavor.

What Magical Powers Were You Born With According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Astrology is the art of predicting the Future (Present & Past too) based on where are the planets in the Zodiac Circle.
The Sun, the most powerful “planet” (it’s actually a Star but in astrology the Sun and Moon are called Planets) predicts our personality and our vital power. On the other hand, the place of the Moon reveals our talents and our charms.
Read the powers of your Sun & Moon sign and see with what gifts and magical powers you were born with!
:: Aries the Ram is ruled by courageous and mighty Mars. Aries is the passionate breakthrough of Spring and the color associated with this Zodiac sign is red (the Red of  Fire, the Red of Poppies which spring from the dead land of Winter).
Those born under the influence of Aries have a natural ability to activate and recharge powerful amulets, talismans etc as the are “possessed” with the Strength of Spring. The key to tap into their Magic is Enthusiasm.
They have natural healing abilities and the power to transfer vital energy. They are great at banishing and exorcism where their determined nature to remove what is unwanted comes into play.

:: Taurus the Bull is ruled by the charming and enchanting Venus. Taurus is the time of the year when Spring has established her dominion over the land and everything is new again. The color of Taurus is Green (the Green of leaves and pants – the radiating Green of Earth).
Those born under the influence of Taurus have a natural talent to perform and succeed in spells for wealth and good fortune (for many, Green is the color of Good luck) and all Earthly delights.
The key to activate their powers is their Sexuality & Satisfaction.

:: Gemini the Twins are ruled by the bright and ever-moving Mercury. The color associated with them is yellow of the small wild flowers and the Sun.
Gemini is associated with the Element of Air, the element which connects us all. This is why Gemini perform miracles when they cast spells to affect intellectual matters and communication. The can easily influence movements and travels. Gemini can possess great telepathic abilities and they are more adept in Astral Projection.
The key to activate their magical powers is interest. They have to be really interested somehow on what they are doing as they easily tend to lose focus.

:: Cancer the Crab is ruled by the Great Lady of the Night sky, the Moon. The Color associated with Cancer is  silver, the color of the Pale Moon.
Cancer is associated with Water. The Element of Water reigns over Emotions & Love and this is why spells for love and friendship are perfect when done by Cancers. Cancers are also excellent using all forms of divination and make good oracles if only they leave doubt behind.
The key to activate their powers is security. Cancers need to feel safe to release their magical powers. When performing a spell make sure that no one will intrude.

:: Leo the Lion is ruled by the glorious and ever-shining Sun. The color  which Leo is associated is the Golden – orange one, the one of the radiating rising Sun.
Leo is associated with the Element of Fire and the spells in which they are really talented is for Fame (expand fame and popularity) and all kind of pleasures (including sexual ones).
The key to activate their powers is to realize their Divine origin. Leo needs to feels like a king (or queen) and there is no better way to do that but to realize the Divine seed in them.

:: Virgo the Maiden is ruled by the wise and practical Mercury. The color with which Virgo is associated with is the blue and the pale blue (the Blue of the skies) as Virgo, although an Earth sign, they are – almost always – lost in responsibilities trying to figure out how to serve and fulfill mostly the needs of others. This is why the Blue of the skies uplifts them and helps to remind them their Divine origin, their true Nature free of obligations.
Virgo is miraculous when dealing with spells for healing and any kind of evolution (material or spiritual). Because of their natural ability to deal with many issues & people at the same time, they can do miracles in telepathy & peace spells.
The key for Virgo to activate their Magical powers is to remember that they come from a Divine source and they are not just flesh and bones. In addition, they need always to focus on the bright side of Life and leave their fears and doubts behind.

:: Libra the Scales is ruled by the peaceful and beautiful Venus. Libra is associated with the Element of Air and the color is the brilliant light violet and pink!
Libra has a natural talent for Beauty and Glamour spells. They are great to create illusions. They are also miraculous when dealing with Peace spells and spells to achieve Balance (whether in a Relationship, in our body … etc)!
The key for Libras to activate their powers is to feel as an Enchanter/Enchantress.  Even though this is sometimes not the case, this is what you have to focus on. Search for that feeling, you know you have it!

:: Scorpio the Scorpion is both ruled by Pluto and Mars. The color with which Scorpio is associated with is red (the one of Blood and Cherries).
Scorpio is associated with the Element of Water. Scorpios are great when manipulating energy and this is why they can create powerful magic charms and sigils. They got very powerful intuition and they are really great when they want to find out the truth. Their instincts are almost always unmistakable and they are linked to their excellent survival skills. They cast powerful spells for sexual pleasure and they are good at defensive magic, banishing spells and removing obstacles. Due to their nature to adapt easily to every new environment, they are also good when it comes to all spells that have to do with change.
The key to activate their Magical Powers is to tap into their instincts, the more primitive, the better and to ensure that they remain focused on the matter at hand.

:: Sagittarius the Centaur archer is ruled by the Wise and Auspicious planet Jupiter. The color associated with Sagittarius is purple (the Royal Purple, as Jupiter – Zeus is the king of the Gods).
Sagittarius is associated with the Element of Fire. Sagittarius are great when cast spells which affect travel and/or travelling to other Realms. Jupiter bless them with the ability to be a source of happiness and optimism so they are great to heal negativity. Sagittarius can tap into Spiritual Wisdom – almost any time they want! – and access information which is prohibited.
The key for Sagittarius to activate their powers is optimism. They need to feel the flame of happiness burning in their hearts. The feeling that “every little thing is gonna be alright” is the key to their success.

:: Capricorn the Goat is ruled by the Wise and Strong Saturn. The color with which Capricorns are associated with is black (the black of the Night and of Lead).
Capricorns can perform miracles when dealing with Wealth and Career spells. Capricorns have a natural ability to find ways to fulfil their goals and satisfy their ambition. They are also great when tapping into the Wisdom of their ancestors (click here to read more about ancestral magic)
Capricorns can succeed in most spells as the key to their magical powers is Determination. When they make up their mind for something they tend to achieve it!

:: Aquarius the Water Bearer, ruled by both Uranus and Saturn. The color associated with Aquarius is Blue-Grey- the one of smoke! Aquarius is associated with the Element of Air.
Aquarius is great when performing spells to liberate and break any kinds of bonds and attachments. Their thirst for freedom will empower them to break negative spells, curses and addictions. Aquarius has also great natural abilities for astral projection and remote viewing.
The key for Aquarius to activate their Magical Powers is to breathe the air of Freedom and uniqueness. They need to adapt the spells to feel unique and one of a kind – ALWAYS!

:: Pisces the two Fish, are ruled by both Neptune & Jupiter. The color associated with Pisces is pure White and dark Blue (the one of the deep oceans).
The Element associated with Pisces is Water.  Pisces can perform miracles when dealing with spells of the Other World. They can successfully meddle with the  Dream World and manipulate Dreams to promote intuition and/or divination. Illusion is their power and they can create strong illusions for healing and empowerment. They are also great to contact Spirits and Magical Entities such as Fairies.

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8 Differences Between Genuine And Fake People

Have you ever come across someone who is always nice to you on your face, but complains about you to other people behind your back? Is it intimidating for you to talk to certain people at work who are nice to only those who are superior to them in position? Do you have a hard time figuring out who’s fake and who is actually a nice person? Here are some pointers that will help you spot genuine and fake people around you:

1. Look Out For All Vs. Look Down On All

Genuine people respect anyone and everyone. They don’t look down on people to feel a sense of superiority. On the other hand, fake people respect only those who they think have power. They are selective about who they respect, and what they personally gain out of it.

2. Hard To Impress Vs. Easy To Please

Differences Between Genuine And Fake People
When it comes to pleasing people, genuine people don’t go out of their way to impress anyone. They are very comfortable in their skin and don’t care about other’s approval or opinion about themselves. However, fake people think they are valid in other’s lives. They like going out of their way to please people until they are seen in a favorable light.

3. Comfortable In The Shadows Vs. Need The Limelight

Differences Between Genuine And Fake People
Genuine people have no trouble in spending time by themselves. You will see them being in their own comfort zone, doing what they like, and they like being respected for it. However, fake people are desperate for attention, and are constantly loud to attract some attention of people. They think that the world revolves around them.

4. Humility Vs. Boasting

Differences Between Genuine And Fake People
Genuine people don’t go around bragging about their work and achievements. They keep it all to themselves. They are usually humble and don’t need to show it off to the world what they have done or achieved. But, fake people like to be the peacock in their groups, and they keep bragging about what they have done or tried to do in life.

5. To The Face Vs. Behind Your Back

Differences Between Genuine And Fake People
If they got something to say about you, they will do it on your face. They are pretty straight-forward and express their opinions honestly without any hidden motive behind it. Fake people are two-faced, and they love to gossip. They portray something else on your face, and say something else behind your back.

6. Actions Vs. Words

Differences Between Genuine And Fake People
Genuine people always strive to do their best, and do whatever they can to live up to their promises. Fake people like to talk, and can’t keep the promises they make. They constantly keep giving excuses until anything they do meets a personal motive or agenda.

7. Honest Opinion Vs. False Praise

Differences Between Genuine And Fake People
Genuine people admire others for their work, praise them, and learn from them. They know that they are not perfect and they can learn a lot from others. However, fake people always try to find something wrong with someone’s happiness. They criticize others, and make them feel bad. They feel great when they find mistakes in other’s work.

8. Unconditional Help Vs. Selfish Motives

Differences Between Genuine And Fake People
Genuine people are nice, and they would like to help you most of the time. They want to make sure that everyone around them is happy with no personal reason behind it. Fake people are only nice to someone only if they are getting something from them in return. If they do any good, they’ll brag about it all the time.
source: curejoy

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What The Last Three Months Of 2017 Will Look Like For You, Based On Your Zodiac

What The Last Three Months Of 2017 Will Look Like For You, Based On Your Zodiac

Well, it must have seemed like everything in your life has been thrown up in the air, just for the sake how it will come back to you, all thanks to Uranus, the disruptor. You have been struggling in your love life. Do not lose heart as Venus is the partnership chart for you later this year. It will spark your existing relationship or begin a new one if single. Pluto will put your hard limits to test in terms of career, however, take it as a challenge and look forward to a promotion.
Off late, you have been confused if you are taking the right path and if everything is going in the right direction. Now, think it this way – it is okay to be confused sometimes. Follow the uncertainty and do not run away before you have actually witnessed the result and keep fearing the assumed failure. Sometimes the hard path that you choose for yourself is for your own betterment and trust the Universe the best will come out of the last four months which may seem otherwise, right now.
So for all the Geminis, all in all, this year has been a bit rocky. Changes in terms of relationships, career and life – well, you have come far and what had seemed so scary, trust in the Universe it will all pay off for you now. As you move ahead in 2017 just believe in yourself and it might turn out that you have found yourself than the relationship. You deserve it.
If a Cancerian was offered a podium to talk about their year so far, they will begin and end it merely in one word – HOW? How is it, they could survive what they survived. All the emotional havoc you faced, all the major changes that you faced through the year, seem to have taken a toll on you. Believe in a higher purpose, even if the start to this year wasn’t that great does not mean it will end the same way. Fall transcending to Winter is exactly when you flourish. Don’t give up yet!
Well, 2017 has been a bit harsh so far because you have been trying to find yourself all through. The relationship being your worst nightmare and dating is out of the question, you have certainly been on a killing spree. But remember, when it rains and seems all is dark that is when you outperform yourself. You are content in your own space as it can get – happily beating your own drum. About love? Well, it’s going to come in your life and finally stay and you cannot run away from it.
Career wise, you have taken a huge step and as new, and scary it might look like right now you know, you have done well and you will continue to do so. For once you will be proud of your achievements. In terms of love, you have invested much in a person who hasn’t even met you half way and by this year end, either they will up their game or you will finally let them go by the end of this year.
Hurt might have been a prominent and a permanent mark off late. The deep wounds that have made a home in you will take some time to heal and finally leave you for good. The key to healing it is to remember, it is okay to feel everything so deep and heavy. It is not a romantic relationship that will help you heal but how you chose to spend your free time and how you tackle situations.
As an individual, you have always been wise beyond your years and have a tendency to have a different world view than everyone your age. Always the loner wolf you go about beating your drum and without being affected. However, before this year bids adieu, you are going to cross paths with someone who is going to change a lot of things for you and no matter how much you will try to play it safe it might not work this time at all.
2017 might have wrecked havoc in your life in every possible aspect you can think of. You might have held onto an old love for the longest of time, hoping they would magically come back in your life, basically not giving up on them and wishing for them to realise they have wronged you and they love you. But truth be told you don’t deserve to be hurt by the same old. Move on in life and by the end of this year, you will find the person who would actually treat you the way you deserve.
You have been lucky to have found love in your life – a person who seems rough around the edges but you truly love the person but have been faced with an obstacle. The question is, are you two going to continue with the relationship or take the next big step? Well, the question is all that is materialising right now, are you ready to spend the rest of your life with this person?
The next few months can bring about old people in your life – ones you have had a bitter fall-out with. Of course, you have matured with time, you are not the same person anymore, however, they will focus only on how you have wronged them. Do not let other people dictate you or your thoughts. Their opinion shouldn’t hamper your sanity. Just know they are unable to handle how far you have come, everything will be fine in the end.
You are finally going to let go of everything that has kept you holding on to the past. All that you have given in love will come back to you finally. Be wary when it happens, though. As you will take a step forward in the new phase old might come back knocking on your door. Trust your decision and how far you have come. There is no turning back. You deserve all the happiness that Universe is now giving you back in abundance.
source: Speakingtree

Do You Have A Letter ‘M’ On The Palm Of Your Hand? This Is What They Didn’t Tell You

This practice is seen as strange by some and downright silly by most. However, what many people do not understand is that it has a long history and what is considered in the media is a misrepresentation of what palm reading truly is.
Palm reading or palmistry can be traced back as an ancient art from several thousand years ago. It was born from Hindu astrology, and the first evidence of the practice is found in the ancient Chinese divination texts of the I Ching. The practice spread over Asia and Europe, which is how Aristotle learned about it. He passed the knowledge to Alexander the Great who used it to judge the character of his military officers. Maybe that is why he did so well?
Now in this piece, we are specifically talking about the letter M and what it means if someone finds this on his or her hand.
Those that have a “M” on the hand might be attracted to careers in journalism, writing or education. Additionally, they are excellent in making money in life, simply because they generally thrive in careers which demand great self-discipline and self-motivation, they can also be drawn to management.
Those with an “M” in their hand are self-motivated and thus better at making money. She goes on to state more about the letter “M.”
In a few uncommon instances, we see the creation of the letter “M” in the palm of the subject’s hand. This is a result of the head line, heart line as well as the Life line creating an “M” symbol by the combination of all lines, this signifies fortune. The letter M on the palm represents riches. To have this line means the subject likes to solve mysteries and could be attracted to careers in the legal system or politics.
This is all very fascinating.
The letter “M” within the subject’s palm is also an omen of:
  • Leadership.
  • Riches.
  • Fortune in life.
  • Great prospect.
The letter “M” has also been linked to good intuition.
Furthermore, people whose palms have the letter M are masters at seeing through lies and deceit. Not much gets past them, and they almost always figure out if someone is less than honest, lying, or cheating. This sense of intuition is often stronger in women than in men, but it comes down to the individual.
It is also important to note that the hand will change over time with the person’s life situation. The lines will disappear or change to show an accurate reflection of the individual’s life.

What do you think?
Do you have a “M” in your hand?
Is Palmistry real or a bunch of baloney?

To learn more about Palmistry, take a look at the videos below.