4 Signs Your Partner Will Never Cheat

It’s estimated that roughly 30-60% of all married individuals in the U.S. will engage in infidelity at some point during their relationship. It can be hard to trust people these days, especially after you’ve been betrayed in the past. There are several personality traits that suggest your partner won’t look for affection elsewhere. If your partner is showing these traits, chances are you’ve found a keeper.

Here are four signs your partner will never cheat:

1. They Are Honest To The Core

 If your partner is honest about everything else in their life, it’s a sign that they are trustworthy. If your partner tells you they ran into their ex at the grocery store, lets you know they’re stopping for dinner with friends but they’ll bring you home some takeout, it’s because they value honesty want to keep keep you informed. A person who is honest and transparent doesn’t hide things – even little things – because they value trust in your relationship. If your other half shows you how important trust is to them, they probably aren’t the type who will cheat.

2. They Are Selfless

A genuinely kind, honest and selfless person cares about the people around them. A selfless person puts their family members, friends and loved ones’ feelings above their own. If your partner is truly selfless, seeing the people that they love in pain only beings them pain as well. A selfless partner won’t cheat, because they cares so deeply about your feelings that they would never want to hurt you. If your gut is telling you your partner is just not the cheating type, you’re probably right.

3. They Cut Ties With All Former Flames

If you live in a small town, it can be hard to avoid running into your ex every once in a while. But when you start a new relationship, the respectful thing to do is to cut ties with your former flame. I’m not talking about the person your partner dated in fourth grade. I’m talking about any serious relationships they’ve had in the past. There’s nothing wrong with being cordial when you run into someone from your past, but keeping up a texting relationship or anything else with a former partner can be hazardous to your new relationship. If your partner respects you enough that they cut off all ties to their former flames, it’s a sign they’ll stay faithful.

4. They Maintain Both A Friendship And A Relationship With You

Many relationships fail because one or both people involved don’t invest time in maintaining a friendship, as well as a romance. Having a physical attraction is great, but a growing friendship can continually strengthen your bond. If your partner makes a regular effort to make you laugh, plan fun trips for the two of you or even make some popcorn for a simple movie night on the couch, it’s a sign that they value your friendship in addition to your romantic relationship. If the two of you have a great romantic relationship and you’re also best friends deep down to your core, it’s very unlikely that your partner will look for affection somewhere else.

source and courtesy: David Wolfe