Once you learn this simple strategy from Alan Watts, you’ll never doubt yourself again

Everyone questions themselves and experiences self-doubt at some point in their lives. For some of us, it happens regularly.
That’s why this video from Alan Watts on how we can improve our decision making ability is brilliant.
He clearly explains what decisions are and how you can practice developing your intuition so you become more sure of yourself.
As Watts says, it’s impossible to really know where your decisions come from. They emerge like hiccups.
Yet people experience a lot of anxiety over the porcess of making decisions.
They ask whether they’ve considered all of the available information. Yet when you think about it, you can never have all of the available information as there is an infinite amount of information available.
You end up going through the motions of figuring things out, but you worry about all of the variables that are beyond your control.
Watts refers to this as mental wobbling, the state of always being in doubt about the right way to behave. It shows a lack of self confidence and you end up making mistakes through sheer fumbling.
The point is this:
If you have self confidence you’ll often get away with doing the wrong things. The way to practice having self confidence is to regard yourself as a cloud in the flesh. Clouds never make mistakes. Have you ever seen an imperfect cloud?
Treat yourself as a cloud and realize that you can’t make a mistake, no matter what you do. This way you’ll develop your self confidence even when making what you previously referred to as mistakes.
And through developing your self confidence, you’ll learn to trust in your intuition.
This is how you end up on good terms with your own being.
If you said yes, then Alan Watts has some epic advice for you in this amazing video:

source and courtesy: thepowerofideas