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What Does Your Birth Month Tell You About Your Personality?

Many people believe that horoscopes area lot of hooey, but there are countless others who are convinced that there are some truth to them. Whether or not you are a believer, you’ll be amazed to see that by asking which month you were born in this test can accurately describe a lot about your personality. Take a look below and see if the description matches up with you – it’s pretty impressive how accurate these results are!

1. If you were born in January you are a warm and caring person who helps those in need. You are a natural leader, thoughtful and resourceful and you value honesty and kindness.


2. If you were born in February you are a fun-loving and caring person who loves to spread joy. People know that they can trust you with anything and you appreciate order and cleanliness.


3. If you were a March baby you are creative, artistic and you have a flair for the dramatic. You love to experience new things and you enjoy food and travel. You are quiet at first, but interesting to get to know.


4. If you were born in April you are bright and happy with a heart of gold and you love to make others happy. You have strong values and you work hard and always put others first.


5. Those who are born in May are humble, down to earth people. You can sometimes be a little stubborn, but you would do anything to help a friend in need. You also love to laugh and have a good time.


6. A June person is intelligent, charming and fearless and has many diverse interests. You are classy, entertaining, feisty, passionate,


7. A July person is warm, inviting and fun-loving. You are naturally curious, welcoming and generous and you make friends easily – but you only trust a small selection of people.


8. If you are born in August you are bold, confident and resilient. You are usually the responsible one that everyone can depend on. You are calm under pressure and quick on your toes.


9. If you were born in September you are a classic, old fashioned soul who appreciates good manners. You take your time doing things slowly and you enjoy the simple things in life.


10. If you are an October baby, then you are creative and passionate and you throw yourself into everything that you do. You love learning new things and you are interested in art and history.


11. If you were born in November you are strong and bullheaded but behind your tough exterior you are sweet and loving. You are charming and bold but sensitive and caring.


12. You are a spirited person who loves warm, festivities and comfort. You love to express yourself creatively and you are happiest when you are in a casual atmosphere with a few close friends.