We all have our favorite color, but you should know that this tells a lot about your personality, so in order to find out more about you, read this article.
According to Faber Birren who is pioneer in the field of color study and author of 24 books about colors, your favorite color says a lot about your character. Here is a color test which you can use In order to discover more about yourself.
It’s very simple – just pick a color and see the results below.
Purple – Those who love purple color are unique and artistic souls, but they can also be quite arrogant. Nevertheless, they do respect other people.
Pink – If you love pink color, it means you are a nurturer, you always care about other people, you are warm, sensitive, soft and kind. Moreover, you are extremely romantic and you have idealistic standards. Your best feature is that you know how to deal with other people and comfort them in the best way.
Red – If you love red color, you are one of those people who live their lives to the fullest.  Moreover, you are tenacious and determined, so you get what you want.
Blue – Blue color indicates harmony and you are extremely sensitive and reliable person. You prefer keeping things clean and tidy since stability is the most important thing in life.
Brown – You are a great friend, loyal and people consider you as a reliable person. You prefer a stable life.
White –Those who love white color are usually well organized and they hate mess around them.
Green – According to Faber, people who like green color are affectionate, loyal and frank, they value their reputation and are concerned about people’s thoughts about them.
Yellow –Those who love yellow color love to share things with other people and they always enjoy learning new things. Moreover, happiness comes easy to you, so you are a great company for other people and they consider you as a ray of light.
Gray –Since this color is considered as neutral, it means you are probably indifferent about many things in life. Most of the time, people isolate themselves from the world since they try to protect themselves from the chaos in their surrounding environment. They don’t enjoy being in the center of attention, they are calm and practical and all they want is peace and satisfaction in their lives.
Black –People who love black color are sensitive and artistic, but also very private and careful with sharing details in your life.