Your Little Finger Reveals What a Person You Are !

Little fingers can come in different shapes and sizes. However, their particular length and form can tell a lot about your personality. The following method originates from South Korea and it uses your little finger to reveal more about you.
One of the guidelines that this method uses is the length of the little finger compared to the ring finger as well as the shape. These are the different interpretations.
A short little finger is considered the one that does not reach the first knuckle of the ring finger. People who have it are usually reserved and shy especially with people they don’t know very well. Their dreams and goals are rather big however they are afraid to follow them. Other people consider you a very friendly and big-hearted person.
If it reaches right to the joint of the ring finger you are a mature person, very balanced and hard to disturb. This makes you seem distant and cold at first, however once people get to know you they learn you have a very warm personality.
It exceeds the first joint of the ring finger. This person is enthusiastic, passionate and always want to be in the center of attention. People love spending time with them because of their charisma. Even though they are likely to be very talented, they will only be able to prove that with a lot of hard work.
4.Same as ring
Almost the same length as the ring finger. These people are very ambitious and they want to be very powerful in life. They are usually striving to become politicians or directors but they can often be influential person or even a celebrity. They have good potential and have the ability to improve the entire society.
5.Low positioned
If the root of the little finger is lower than the other fingers, it means you are a person who likes dreaming and you have plans and ambitions for the future. However, you rarely do something to realize your ideas because you would rather daydream.
6.Square shape
If the first joint of the little finger looks like a rectangle and the tips is flat, you are a person with rare qualities. You are very honest which can be a virtue but also a flaw in some cases. It is almost impossible for you to become friends with sensitive people because of your honesty, however once you gain their confidence you are friends for life.
If the tip of your little finger is pointy you excel at public performances and you can be a very good speaker. Even though you have the potential to become a writer, eloquence is your strongest side. You can easily learn foreign languages and you can become a good diplomat. You can resolve hard situations with not much effort.
If the tip of the little finger is pointed to the other toes or away from them, you are probably afraid of confrontations. However, this fear is probably due to the fact that you hate engaging in conflicts and you are generally the peacemaker in every group of people. You can bring peace between separate worlds.